Kitchen remodels are the most popular project among homeowners. Who hasn’t
dreamed of the perfect kitchen? Most of us, however, don’t have the budget to
hand the entire design off to a professional and choose the fixtures, appliances,
and extras ourselves. As a result, we don’t always end up with the chef’s kitchen
we imagine.

Here are a few dos and don’ts from the experts.

Do Add Dark Accents – Your kitchen does not need to be monochromatic. Adding
dark appliances or doors provide a pop to the space and make it appear larger.

Don’t Ruin the Island – A kitchen island can add usable workspace and visual
appeal. However, an island placed in the wrong spot can ruin the appearance and
availability. Designers suggest placing the island 2 ½ – 3 feet from the counters.
This allows for easy movement between the two. In a small kitchen, skip the
island altogether.

Do Splurge on the Lighting – Proper lighting in the kitchen sets the mood. The
kitchen has become a place to entertain, so the space needs to merge brighter
light for cooking with softer, ambient light for relaxing.

Don’t Skip Proper Prep Work – It may be tempting to rush or skimp on prep work
and materials; Afterall it’s not going to show when completed. The fact is that
substandard prep work can cause damage to the final product, causing more
money and time in the end.

A beautiful kitchen is the centerpiece of the home. Whether your remodel is a
complete do-over or weekend DIY project, follow these tips for the perfect result
you want.