For most people, the only effort they place into the ceiling design is
removing the old popcorn treatment. While this is certainly an important first
step, there are many ways to use the ceiling to add interest and impact to
any room.

Considered the “fifth wall” by designers, ceiling design changes can be
either subtle or dramatic. Browse through any home décor magazine and
notice the ceiling treatments. Often, they feature bold colors or textures that
go somewhat unnoticed by the viewer. Bedrooms, living rooms, and even
bathrooms are prime targets for a makeover.

Here are 5 great options to try out in your home.

1. Bold Color – Contrary to popular opinion, a dark or strong color on
the ceiling does not make the room look smaller. In fact, the use of a color
on the ceiling invites the eye to move around the room and creates another
interesting space.

2. Brighten Monotone Rooms – If you are planning to keep the room
monotone, with soft whites or beiges, add more white tone to the ceiling to
add some depth to the room.

3. Molding – Add an interesting molding to the ceiling. You can create
an elegant surrounding with a chandelier, for example.

4. Add Some Shine – Contrast a matte wall with a high-gloss ceiling in
bold color. Perfect to brighten any room.

5. Metallic Options – You’ve seen the pressed metal ceilings in old
bars or restaurants, but there are also more subtle modern treatments that
bring an element of industrial design to a space.

There are so many ways to create a more interesting design story by using
the ceiling. There is no reason not to try something dramatic that can give
any room a fresh look.