Who doesn’t love the idea of a front porch? Picture a cool lemonade in the
shade on a hot summer’s day while watching the world go by. Home
builders have embraced this ideal over the past couple of decades with more
new construction featuring this timeless feature. Often though, the size of
the porch seems to make it more of an idea than a usable space.

But even a modest-sized porch can be an inviting place to relax. Here are 5
trendy ideas to try this weekend to enhance a small porch.

1. Outdoor Furniture – Any porch can accommodate some kind of
furniture. It may be a modest bench or a small outdoor couch, but adding a
sitting option is an instant plus.

2. Pillows – Soften the look of the space and create a welcoming
impression by adding pillows or blankets to the sitting area. Vary the color
and style by season using weather-proof fabrics.

3. Potted Plants – Small containers or size-appropriate edges of
flowers or bushes add softness and interest to any front porch. Plants allow
the space to integrate with the rest of the front yard.

4. Color – Play with the color of both the furnishings and plants to draw
the eye of the observer. Soft pastels paired with a bold splash will move the
viewer’s eye around the space, creating the illusion of more room.

5. Remove Clutter – Finally, remove anything unnecessary and keep
the porch cleared of debris or overgrown plants.

A front porch should lure one in. Even a small porch can be a pleasant
place to relax, read, or refresh with just a few small changes.